VMware Server

Updated on 2006-03-12 - I've put up a HOWTO on this.

So, I've finally had some time to tinker with it. I've set it up on my aging dual Intel server, and will be updating my Wiki node with some notes on it soon.

It is pretty much as I expected - very much like GSX with a little extra polish, and it now supports Solaris as well.

Sadly, it is pretty much as I expected where it regards remote management as well - i.e., like its predecessors, if you manage your boxes from a Mac, you're out of luck: Apple's X11 bombs out when trying to run the virtual console remotely.

And since there's no native Mac version of the admin tool), I'm trying to manage things through VNC on the server - which is very far from perfect given the tendency for vmware-console to get horribly confused running inside VNC.

Which, in a nutshell, means I won't be using it for much right now.