Peace and Quiet

Not much news anywhere, so here's some of my own:

  • Lots of cleaning up (virtual and otherwise), with a few breaks devoted to fiddling with various gadgets that go ping.
  • I've finally gone and dealt with the whole Bluetooth-on-Toshiba thing on my own and documented the process (including source code for an updated kernel module). I also, to my surprise, managed to get near-instant suspend/resume (RAM-only, I don't need hibernation) via a couple of very simple tweaks (see my page for more).
  • There's a new tree in the house. We didn't get the enthralling, saturated color IKEA decorations (which wouldn't look out of place in a Dr.Seuss story), but it looks pretty good nonetheless.
  • Fixed a few things (mostly cleanups) in my GPRS/UMTS HOWTO, and marked a couple of s as final (at least for now).

As usual, weekends are far more rewarding than weekdays.