Scoping Out CSS

Yes, is a great tool for debugging indeed - it helped me catch a mis-sized div - but the for was that little extra bit more helpful, since it outlined another mis-sized construct that was built at runtime.

I’ll be making the most of my 10-day evaluation period on , since I’ve only scratched the surface where it regards using selector matching, and that seems to be the killer feature for large-scale debugging.

Most of my troubles stem from a shotgun marriage between the Kubrick stylesheet and the original PhpWiki layout, and there are all sorts of funky interactions between both sets of styles - Maybe I’ll take the plunge and port over K2 when Michael deems it final, or (time permitting) roll my own again.

Sadly, today is the half-way mark on my vacation, and I haven’t had time to do any of the über-geek stuff I wanted, so that’s probably not going to happen soon.

I am, however, getting a lot more sleep, which is great.

Ah, news. Not much to point out, I’m afraid, but two things caught my eye:

I’m going to start digging for more OSCON 2005 media (presentations are here), drop me a line if you know of anything particularly interesting.