Morning Tidbits

Taking a break, reading the news... Here are a few odds and ends I found interesting:

  • Kodak, after practically closing down half their business (some say more, some say less), has launched a -enabled camera. Looks a bit fiddly (hinges are always a bad thing on electronic devices), but the concept is interesting, and more so by being at the point-and-shoot level.
  • Still on cameras, an interesting twist on webcams - adding video encoding looks obvious in retrospect, doesn't it? Well, D-Link is doing it, and it's a damn good idea whose time should have come years ago. But besides my mobile bias, that also has the advantage of (hopefully) doing away with fiddly proprietary plugins in the cameras' web interface, installing extra software, etc.
  • TiddlyWiki (which now has a separate dev site) has been updated to 1.2.34, and getting better by the day.
  • The "Electron" (8700) has been getting a lot of press coverage recently, and there are some tentative specs available. North American users are keen on getting EDGE support, Europeans on UMTS - I, for one, can only hope that the battery life is closer to the 7290's full week than the 7100's day and a half...

In the meantime, Ben Jackson sent me a link to Xyle Scope, which might be a help towards solving some of my CSS woes (there are still a couple of ugly -related bugs in the photo album navigation, for instance...).