News Station Portable?

Thanks to Melo (who has been happily careening through RidgeRacer for a few days now), I added dedicated support for the PSP to my web-based newspipe front-end.

I'm not too crazy about the PSP (still waiting for the 770 and hoping it doesn't turn out to be a dog like the 7710), but a couple of people were using it already with newspipe (including Pedro Leite, who helped me test a static HTML layout on it a few weeks back), and it works much better if images are properly resized for the PSP screen.

It's a quick hack for now (basically I fake a WAP profile entry for it), and since the PSP has a landscape screen I also disable image rotation. Might be tricky to read some web comics, so I'm thinking of adding a resize toggle (just need to test the JavaScript support on it).

I hope to clean up the code soon and add it to the main newspipe CVS, but the usual daredevils are free to drop me a note and I'll send them the (brutally) patched files in the meantime.