.Mac Upgrade Alert

In the meantime, my .Mac disk space was upgraded to a whopping size of... 1GB. Which means I now have 512MB of e-mail storage and 512MB of iDisk storage, plus (as per my account settings) 10GB of bandwidth a month for any static content I feel like publishing.

It's half of what my Gmail mailbox can hold, but I'll leave the haggling about .Mac pricing to other folk (I find the contact syncing alone to be worthwhile, even if I'd rather have it done in iSync instead of a mutated preference pane).

No hints of radical new features yet (and a quick browse through the web interface didn't reveal anything amazingly new), but I'll be testing the upload speeds with iPhoto sometime soon (I heard it was a common gripe, but the last time I tried the bottleneck was on my cable connection).

Ah, yes, there's Groups (which seems to be an enhanced mailing-list that eats into your disk quota for shared storage among members) and an updated Backup application. No server-side scripting on your homepage, though (safe mode PHP would be nice, at the price).

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