Back to Work

If mondays were portrayed in shaving commercials, they would be the grating concrete surface the actor would use to sand off his beard.

Fortunately, today some progress was made (by the simple -foo of ignoring everything else until I had every single item on my inbox tagged, flagged or dealt with in some other fashion).

Back home, doesn't help, either - I've been opening it an closing it for an hour now in vain hope of it figuring out the status of my mailbox (which is now remote and accessed through secure IMAP), and the thing simply can't display more than a couple of messages before packing up (it seems to spend 99% of its time caching attachments).

In the meantime, sifting what little news I could get in this fashion yielded only four topics of interest (besides the usual updates to my node):

And, finally, via from a friend: there is an Intel underworld after all. Oh my...