iPhone Madness, Again (and Again, and Again...)

Wow. It's like every single journalism nutcase came back to work this week, and they all have some speculative angle on the iPhone. It's either going to store less than 100 tracks, be a bigger thing than the original iPod, run Linux, or be the Newton's second coming (or a bit of everything).

I suppose all the usual pundits will weigh in eventually (even though none of them has probably been keeping track of it as I have), but there is one opinion I'm really looking forward to reading: Michael Swaine's.

As DDJ's "Editor at Large", he has been single-handedly responsible for making sure I pick up a copy every now and then, even years after I left "active duty" as a full-time coder, and his latest piece on Podcasting was, well... Brilliant.

As to the iPhone itself, well... I'm not holding my breath. There will be plenty of music phones this Xmas - plus I have a hard trouble believing iTunes compatibility by itself will be a selling factor for a mobile phone...

Update: Dominik Wagner and João Bordalo have joined the Planet - proof positive there are more developers and UNIX-oriented Mac folk out there blogging. Drop me a line if you like the focus and want to be included...

(I actually "broke" the Planet for a bit - I think it's time to clean up my patches and do the hard work of bolting on the latest version of Mark's parser)

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