Odin's Day

Yes, there's another update up. I'm exploring TiddlyWiki macros a bit further, and making the phrasing and layout more consistent.

Some news and random commentary:

  • Boy, am I glad I didn't update. Not that I run these days (had tremendous fun with it at college and soon afterwards), but I'll wait another couple of days before checking if the update has... an update. In the meantime, drunkenblog has more.
  • More Paris Expo rumors. This time pundits predict dual-core G5s, speed bumps and... a G5 . Fancy frying eggs on top of your ?
  • Via pfig, Voo2do. Yes, yes, it's another put-your-life-on-the-Web thing - where's the Source, Luke? And why do all Ajax apps use the same shade of yellow?
  • Also via His Grumpiness, Intelligent Falling. Utterly hilarious, until you realize that it actually might be just round the corner...
  • A pointed opinion (in Portuguese, stick a fish in your ear and hang on to it) about the political nincompoopery of providing every tax-paying Portuguese citizen with an e-mail address that I mentioned .
  • bought a startup that was managed by one of the Danger folk. Speculation is rampant, of course, but I'll leave it to you to find it and form your own opinion.
  • After years and years of reading his stuff, I still can't quite figure out Guy Kewney's fascination with Skype. I mean, he did complain a lot about BT in the past, but he has to know that even de facto standards are implemented by more than one company, right?
  • Via Techdirt, an insightful piece about the patent system.

My favorite quote -

But it has become increasingly clear that excessively strong or badly formulated intellectual property rights may actually impede innovation – and not just by increasing the price of research.