Squeeze Me, I'm Stressed

Surprise, there isn't a update today (although I've received a couple of submissions already). Have too much to do right now.

In the meantime:

  • Via pfig, MobHappy's mobile RSS reader. It's in , and actually works quite well on the I switched to today (although I still prefer ).
  • Incidentally, pfig is switching back to Panther. I'm sorely tempted to do the same, at least on my iBook. But in the meantime, I guess I can install the Security Update update. Or... should I wait for an update on the update for the update?
  • Lots of inane rumors about on mobile phones. It's almost as if some press lobbyist desperately wanted an and started planting random rumors that the N91 would run (which makes no sense whatsoever). Please, people, get a grip. Or pick up an N90 (which is roughly the same size and weight) and figure out for yourselves why people will simply get a .
  • Speaking of grip, the people who started bragging about running on Intel (illegally, of course) and some of the sites that covered that activity intensively are now getting legal letters from - and they have the gall to be shocked. Poo-hoo-hoo. Come on, guys, you just had to know that was coming, and you might even be right - it probably won't make a difference - but if you knew it was illegal (and like, who didn't?), you sure didn't need to provide news coverage.
  • Finally, Gruber gets interviewed - a must if you like discussing UI design.