Stuff I intend to accomplish/check out this weekend, since we have a whole extra 24h to relax in:

  • Take a lot of .
  • Figure out if the 5D is real enough to put a dent in my (tentative) plans to (eventually) get a 20D.
  • Resume my search for freeware/OSS graphics software that avoids the GIMP/X11 double-suckage factor in (I have actually been using the GIMP and in , but getting stuff done in them is like climbing a hill with a dozen monkeys clinging to your back, screeching and clawing).
  • Upgrade my TiddlyWiki to Clint Checkett's excellent new style (and possibly set up a Rin instance for some documentation I have lying around).
  • Keep track of the recent news about the source code release (maybe the guys at the Dojo will churn out a fix for my ).
  • Wonder at the recent announcements of "an (e-mail) mailbox for every Portuguese", which will be managed by the Post Office. My favorite bit out of all the political stupidity surrounding this concept? "(e-mails) will be physically delivered by the post office if left unread" - Spam takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Update: I will also try to test the new OSXvnc version (via the spool), which now supports multiple remote sessions and a newer version of the RFB protocol. Let's see if international keyboard support got any better...

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