iPhoto, How I Loathe Thee

Yes, my Tiger woes are back, but piecemeal. I've never depended on iPhoto to do more than import and rotate my photos (I file them on something I know will work for the next century or so - i.e., a plain filesystem, with the photos renamed by date), but this time I'm furious that it can't even do that right.

iPhoto imported all my photos (around 50 of them) just fine, but besides its usual habit of crashing every other time I rotate an image, it now crashes when I am paging through the photos, apparently at random. And, as a sort of bonus, it even crashed once upon relaunching.

Just to add to the fun, the Crash Reporter refuses to let me submit the reports to Apple (I was filling out the first one as iPhoto crashed the second time, and the "Send to Apple..." button became disabled. I now have three Crash Reporter windows in the background, all with the button disabled (total number of crashes was around seven so far, but I started closing them - I started collecting them to post a screenshot later, but gave up).

I have only 1124 photos in my iBook, zero iPhoto extensions, and this is one of the machines I reinstalled from scratch (just in case you are thinking of coming up with one of the usual pseudo-answers). Having to relaunch iPhoto after reviewing three or four images is utterly stupid, and makes me wonder if I hadn't been better off bringing my battered Fedora laptop today.

Time to get 5.0.4, I guess (and no, my camera doesn't add the funky EXIF metadata that prompted Apple to release the 5.0.4 update). Software Update says it'll be a little under 15 minutes on my UMTS connection...