The Python Grimoire, Reborn

Remember the and how I tried to give it new life by adding it to this Wiki? Well, it turned out that that wasn't the right way to go about doing things, and that what most people wanted was a file they could download and keep handy.

Well, after seeing Clint Checketts' TiddlyWiki customizations and upgrading my own notebook to his new style, I stumbled across one of my old conversion scripts (to parse the original HTML and convert it to PhpWiki markup) and it struck me that it would be trivial (easier, even) to spit out TiddlyWiki markup.

And hence was born the new format of the Grimoire, which I'm unleashing today upon the Internet (). I will be removing the old PhpWiki nodes and maintaining only the new format. which should please everyone:

  • It can be downloaded and used locally
  • It has built-in search
  • It can be edited (and themed) to everyone's taste, or used as a basis for one's own notebook

(the old HTML and PDF files will still be there, but won't be updated anymore)

I will be accepting updates, fixes, corrections, etc., and it would be easier if you could simply send them in TiddlyWiki markup (or just send me your version with "Edit" tags showing what you edited).

And now, off to bed. It's a long weekend, but after my (incidentally, the photos are now up) and the last couple of hours of TiddlyWiki tweaking, I need some rest.