Random News

Got time for a quick browse in the morning, picked up these:

  • MSN Virtual Earth now works. And in Safari, no less - shame about the lackluster level of detail in Europe, though.
  • Here's a video of the upcoming 2.0 PlayStation Portable firmware, which sports a pretty decent browser. Russell is blogging about its potential, but I'll wait to see how usable it actually is before I pass judgment (the input method looks very neat, but I'm curious as to the actual ease of navigation and rendering capabilities).
  • Cisco bought Kiss, which hints at yet another battle front opening up for Linksys. I personally find the prospect of a cheap Linksys PVR very attractive, given the lack of options we have in Europe.
  • Django just got SQLite 3 support, and is progressing at an amazing pace. With my vacation ending tonight, it will be a while before I can have a decent look at it...