Random Apple Statistics

Remember my iMac saga from a few months back and how I ranted about Apple distribution in Portugal?

Well, I eventually got everything sorted out and got the machine four months after I ordered it. Things turned out rather well on the Apple side of the process (I haven't had any power supply or screen issues, for instance), but the sub-standard RAM I got means I will only buy anything of the sort from FNAC if I have absolutely no other alternative.

In the meantime, to "test the waters", I went out and ordered a Mac mini from an alternative source on January 12th. Everything went smoothly, and it arrived nearly a month later.

Since Melo just got his (ordered on February 14th, delivered on May 26th, 3 months and 11 days afterwards), I can categorically say that, overall, I'm quite lucky.

After all, plenty of my other friends are still waiting - so many that we still don't have enough data points (three order/delivery dates don't justify the trouble of plotting a chart...).

The absolute winner, of course, is a British colleague of mine who simply popped off to lunch and returned to the office with his mini and a tuna sandwich.

We have plenty of tuna over here, but seem to be running rather short on apples...

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