Behold, the Monolith

Yep. My G5 has arrived, and I'm still setting things up. I got a call from FNAC a couple of days ago to pick it up (as well as another from to make sure I knew it was there), but with everything that's been happening, I only managed to find the time to go there after a doctor appointment today, and so far, it's working fine.

The guys at FNAC set up the AirPort card and 1GB of RAM, and, as a nice touch, they set up a user account in my name, etc. Thanks, guys, for all the trouble.

However, Melo persuaded me to reinstall from scratch, due to a very nice installer feature: Importing my old 's files via Firewire.

I simply inserted the DVD to restore the machine to factory settings and, at the end of the installation, got prompted to import all my applications, files and settings from my old . I then put the G4 into target disk mode, hooked them up with a Firewire cable, and the installer copied everything across.

Seamlessly, at least where my personal data is concerned - I decided not to copy across any applications or drivers, since I needed to clean up my Applications folder anyway.

That took around 4 hours, thanks to my gigantic photo library, my private Applications folder (which holds a lot of stuff only I use) and a bunch of images I have for testing.

I'm now getting settled in and reinstalling , making sure that -specific stuff like and PGP keys is in place, and trying not to fall asleep (it's been a very tough week). I expect the usual HP printer driver issues to crop up - tomorrow, after I had a decent night's sleep for a change.

I had already decided to call this one monolith, since the physical design has nothing to do with the old one (which I dubbed lamparina, the Portuguese word for those old fiddly oil lamps).

My wife, without ever having heard me mention it, picked precisely the same name herself.

I guess that's it, then.

Say hi to all the nice people, monolith, and post this entry.

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