Take Two Tablets and Watch a Movie

Felt slightly guilty for sneaking home early after a fire drill, but more than compensated by spending a couple of hours poring through work e-mail. Entourage works fine with our corporate Exchange server via a VPN connection, and it looks like I will be using it a lot more from now on.

In the meantime, everyone's going ape over the 770, which is yet another stepping stone (and a slippery one, at that) in Nokia's trajectory towards content and services delivery.

Regardless of what it runs (it is unashamedly Linux, although I wish they hadn't used a Debian variant, if only to pique Davi, who will surely be writing apps for it), I expect the next iteration (oh yes, there will be a next one, for sure) to bundle in "higher-level" media services (and by that I mean paid for media).

Update: Having had the time to pore over Maemo and their Gaim porting notes, the thing looks like a perfect Gnome handheld. I especially like the UI layout, which appears to be well thought-out for a pen-based device.
The only thing that really bugs me about the hardware specs is that 128MB of storage seems a bit stingy, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone ported the whole thing to an iPAQ and added a couple of gigs of storage (someone has got to be working on this even now).

It looks like pen computing is going to be all the rage again. This time around, since it's obvious that high-end, business devices didn't quite cut it (to be charitable), the industry is taking aim at mid-to-low-end leisure devices, where data input isn't such a big deal anyway. And color screens are finally fast and bright enough to show video at arguably decent quality.

And if there really is an Apple tablet, the paragraph above should give you some food for thought.