Can You Say Adobe Flash?

Via Bruno, Adobe buys Macromedia. The mind boggles at the consequences of this - will the Flash and SVG plugins be merged? Will Fireworks be subsumed into Photoshop? Will Go Live be finally put out to pasture?

So far, there's only shareholder fluff. The real consequences of this will, of course, be quite unlike anything anyone can envision right now.

For me, at least, the prospect of Fireworks vanishing is enough to make me look at the GIMP again.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Update: For those of you with a more graphical bent and who would like to explore Open Source alternatives, here's a mini-guide: Replace Dreamweaver with Nvu, Fireworks or Photoshop with the GIMP (or rather, with either GimpShop or Seashore as they mature), and, finally, Freehand or Illustrator with Inkscape (it's SVG-based, and should do for most non-professional - i.e., non-printing - purposes). I don't do video and there isn't anything like Flash anywhere, but you get the idea.

Pointers to something that can batch convert Fireworks PNGs to Photoshop or .xcf (native GIMP) format and preserve vector information are most welcome, by the way.

"One Plugin To Rule Them All" jokes are welcome, too. This is entirely too serious not to have a LOTR analogy.