10.3.9 - Safari in Uncharted Lands

This is definitely a Monday. Open Source groupies have the gall to harp on about my Laptop Linux post and branding me as a Mac zealot without bothering to read the rest of my site (apparently the About link isn't big enough), I arrive home to find Safari near useless (and no, it's not a RAM issue), and MN4 is back.

Heck, search my site for "zealot". Come on, you know you want to. I'd do it myself, only Safari crashes when I try.

If you've upgraded to 10.3.9 and have Safari woes, check these out: 1, 2 3.

I now have zero extensions installed (no Input Managers, no nothing), and 1.3 occasionally goes away (typically in JavaScript-intensive sites).

My Java is also broken, which can apparently be fixed this way (haven't tried yet, but since I pretty much rely on FreeMind for everything, it will be the very next thing I do).

Update: sudo update_prebinding -force -root / restored Java temporarily for me, but the real fix seems to be here. Your mileage may vary, and I suggest you read this thoroughly before deciding what to do.

Even considering that Input Manager plugins are third-party stuff that Apple has no control over and that they are often little more than skilled hacks that "push the envelope" and are used by only a minority of users, the fact that this sort of thing keeps happening (I have minor issues every other update) on machines that I do not fiddle under the hood with (at all, and even when I use my Mac as a UNIX box, I am extra careful) is downright annoying, to say the least.

Again, I will point out the flaws in anything that works poorly - and compared to Software Update, Windows Update works statistically better (I download dozens of Microsoft updates every year, and only SP2 broke something this badly). Yeah, you can quote me on this, at least until SP3 comes out.

I can hardly wait to see if any of my Fink packages are bitten by this. UNIX without suid? Not that it's not a security hole waiting to happen, but it does have its uses...

So it's Firefox for a bit now. I would use Camino (which, incidentally, is what I'm posting this with) but I've gotten used to some of the extensions on my Linux boxes, and there's an interesting discussion on that over at TUAW.

A Camel In Your Phone

As an added bonus, and following on Python for Series 60 (which is starting to flourish as more and more people figure out the right bits to use for mobile applications), here's a Perl port for Series 60 (via Melo, who is looking forward to a cell phone he can run CPAN on...).

I'd still rather have Mono, but that's another story.

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