Back To Work

Regular readers will be reassured to know that yes, today was Monday (in case you missed out on that bit), and yes, I generally loathed it, mostly due to the chores associated with returning from even a short vacation (cleaning out the inbox, re-scheduling tasks, etc). Work (regular work) by itself was... interesting.

Normality having been re-established (largely at the expense of spending some time in Rez to increase my brain activity - check out these videos if you're curious), here are some highlights of the world at large:

  • Gruber picks up two of the past week's -related stories (Paul's rather gushing piece and Tim Bray's strange turn of mind) and methodically applies common sense to both with his usual panache - I must admit the "Braying" section got a chuckle out of me.
  • has another beta out. It happens once in a while, but the raving podcasting crowds might get a kick out of this one. All three of them. The syncing support looks nice - but I'm sticking to , for which David has sent me a minor patch to (I really should try patching CVS with it).
  • Camelbones also got an update (via Gruber). Only a couple of days ago I read Melo's post and browsed the POE component list in eerie fascination. I'm afraid that if I put the two together I will not only gleefully stray from the path of enlightenment but also reach some kind of critical mass.
  • I haven't worn a wristwatch in over six years. Here's why (although I admit having the time on every computer screen and consumer electronics device also helped).

Last but not least, if you want to see the sort of thing people should really be doing with on mobile devices (i.e., instead of developing silly little games), check out MathMe - a front-end that runs on mobile phones.

The most powerful mobile calculator, indeed.