Last Round Of Relaxation

Last evening I added around 30 new header images (some of which were part of the old I hadn't come around to converting yet, but most are completely new), so if you're an RSS junkie, you might want to drop in and take a look. As usual, there's a semi-random selection of 16 per day.

I've also had another go at adapting things from, but won't add those to the rotation until I have five or six of them finished.

On the coding front, have been wrestling with and UTF-8. Who would have thought that codecs was the right way to write Unicode strings to a file?

Oh, and here are my e-mail stats for this quarter:

[rcarmo mail]$ du -ka Personal/2005/
32420   Personal/2005/Q1
[rcarmo mail]$ du -ka Work/2005/
551244  Work/2005/Q1

Yep. Half a gig of archived e-mail (which for me means minus all kinds of duplicates, mailing-lists and crap). The whole thing is way past 5 gigs now (as is my photo archive), which means I have some serious requirements for e-mail indexing - and yeah, in case you've just dropped in and never read my last two years of posts, I know all about Zoë, mairix and the current flavors of desktop search - none of them work the way I need them to, although I think I can hack a nice little web front-end for mairix.

Update: Lurker looks nice too, and is also available for my box - although searching stuff through can be kludgy, and I would hate to copy my mail to another box to index it...

Since my design skills need polishing, and while I was re-compiling unison for all my boxes, I drew a new icon for its Cocoa front-end:

It's such a hot tool that I felt it needed a little extra something.