News, in a Nutshell

Turns out I missed out on a lot of news during this week. Let's see if I can catch up.

  • Doom 3 for the Mac goes gold master, in stores March 14 (via Melo). Now this is something to look forward to.
  • Terry Pratchett fans did a full-length dramatisation of one of his novels (trailer).
  • Firefox was updated to 1.0.1, including a couple of anti-popup fixes. I wish I could say the same for Safari.
  • So you want a 3G-enabled Windows Mobile phone? It seems to be in the pipeline.
  • The iPod range updates caused an untold amount of entropy. And no, I'm not talking about the Hello Kitty iPod mini. Besides the (actually rather sensible) decision of dropping the Firewire cable and making slight improvements (and size adjustments) across all ranges, there are more controversial issues like not bundling an AC charger with the iPod mini (okay, fine, you can apparently charge it from USB, like all handheld devices should - including phones), and requiring an extra dock/cable/connector arrangement for the iPod photo (which is already a premium product) to connect to cameras (instead of a nice, neat, built-in USB socket).
  • Yesterday was Steve Jobs' birthday. I had no idea. I had no idea that Yahoo bought Flickr either, but then it's not confirmed yet - it doesn't thrill me in the least, though.
  • I've been following VideoLAN since the early days of the codec wars, but Tryst made me shiver. It was pretty obvious that iTunes music sharing would give rise to something like this, but... Wow. If I had a lot of video content, I'd stick this into my Mac mini and make it into a kick-ass media server. Guess it's time to start investigating options for ripping and storing my DVD collection...