Mind Your Wildcards

During a bit of (rather hurried) recreational coding, I managed to erase a couple of the smartest bits of my photo album (namely the filtering and resizing bits) by mistake. I was going to restore the old DHTML layout (I finally had enough of SimpleViewer, since I got no reply to my e-mails asking about a less aggressive thumbnail pre-loader), and while trying to remove temp files a minor typo obliterated the meat of the thing.

Although the backup is readily available (I have mounted the ISO backup and retrieved the files), I'm going to use this as a way to force myself to get things right next time around - which includes taking a long, hard look at Slide Show Pro and the way photos are (yeah, Flickr is getting to me).

It's bound to take some time - of which I don't have much, as usual. But if I just restore the files, I won't be able to gather the nerve to do it properly.

Update: I temporarily reinstated SimpleViewer to search for a couple of old photos, but lowered the number of thumbnails available.

Oh, yeah, and updated the range. That's about the only piece of news that stuck to the inside of my head today.

Work, as usual, is somewhat stressful (too much to do, too little time), and I'm trying to wean myself out of the usual tech news/gadgets stuff - at least for a while. I'm so tired I've edited this post something like eleven times already...