Quiet Monday

Thanks to tomorrow's bank holiday, I managed to have quite a productive day. So much so that I actually managed to catch up on most of my news:

  • If you still believe resolution is the only way to measure camera phones, you're going to love the K750i. Of course, all the optics of current camera phones is largely crap, so I'm curious to see what this will really be like.
  • David pointed me to WhatSize, which may help figure out where all my storage space went. Nisus Thesaurus also found its way into my hard disk today, via someplace I forgot about in the meantime, and David Magda sent me a link to Disk Inventory X. Three new apps in one day - not bad.
  • Russell causes a ruckus. Hey, it's his blog, and it is absolutely wrong to point out that he's at Yahoo as a way to bump up the visibility of being blocked by him.
  • Which reminds me, I quite agree with his Bloglines post - the moment they start running ads alongside RSS items (which is the most likely outcome, no matter how many disclaimers are posted), I'll block their aggregator, period. My feed is CC (implicitly if not explicitly), and although I have better things to do than to track down all the sites that re-publish it, some day I will probably be forced to block the commercial ones (don't worry, if you run a non-commercial web aggregator with no ads, you're OK in my book).
  • Skype and Hutchinson. Hmmm.
  • HP has started making decent-looking laptops again. Well, at least they look slightly less ugly than the Evo I was carting around last year. If my office Toshiba dies on me for whatever reason, I'll ask to have a look at the nc8230.
  • The Sony/DSC-L1 gets a detailed review. Very neat, indeed - despite the lower resolution, I would probably have bought this instead of the DSC-T1.
  • Gruber on Napster - lots of fun, and the usual amount of common sense against the current "Napster revival" thing.
  • I usually hate to link to such driven bias, but despite Paul's lack of tolerance for inaccuracies, his critique of Steve Jobs' interview to Fortune points out a few interesting aspects that a more balanced writer might like to pick up on. I do wonder what he calls "a slow virtual environment", though. Ah, it must be Virtual PC...
  • I'm curious as to Tim's The Mouse BT battery life. I use Ni-MH 1700mAh batteries on my Microsoft Wireless mouse, and they last me a couple of weeks or so (but then, I don't sit at my iMac the whole day).

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