Hello There Brazil

Looks like Carnaval isn't enough fun for you:

[Tue Feb 08 16:25:27 2005] [error] [client] script not found or unable to stat:

...and so on. And yeah, the requisite complaint is finding its way to Brasil Telecom's services.


In the meantime, a couple of prolongued brownouts forced me to shut down all my machines, as well as the networking gear. EDP, with its characteristical bloodymindedness, sent a picket round to our building despite the fact that the whole avenue suffered power loss. That's what you get for phoning in a report.

The picket guys knocked on our door asking if we had called them, and we explained that we merely reported the brownouts.

Oh, and their call center not only did not understand what we told them or acknowledge any sort of problem, but they also refused to call back to report whether or not the problem was solved - we were told to call back again.

And these people want to supply powerline internet access. Oh yeah.

I had forgotten there are worse monopolies than incumbent telcos.