Three Little Mac Annoyances

  • persists in sending huge TIFF attachments when I forward or redirect messages containing a single JPEG file: i.e., it sends the JPEG and a TIFF version of the image. Yes, I have "Windows-Friendly Attachments" turned on. (by the way, It's interesting to note that a lot of my previous gripes are due to be fixed in Tiger - I hope they deal with this one too).
  • There still isn't iSync support for the V800 - and, unlike support for Series 60 devices (which is configured via an editable plist file), SonyEricsson device support is compiled into iSync (more precisely in, according to David), which is pretty dumb considering all the new SonyEricsson phones have pretty much the same OBEX/SyncML code (I should know, they all have the same little quirks). If it weren't for that, it would be just a matter of dumping a V800 icon in BTConduit.bundle/Contents/Resources, tweaking a plist file, and we'd be in business.
  • Sending SMSs with the Z1010 via Address Book doesn't work, either. Still, after months of the phone being added to iSync. It worked fine with my T610. The Z1010 does it if I bother to use the GSM AT Commands by hand. So why doesn't Address Book get along with the Z1010? And no, I don't want to use some dinky little third-party utility - I want the built-in tools to work consistently.