Miscellaneous Reality Checks

It looks like we're going to have passable weather this weekend. And I just realized that despite this being a 4-day work week here, it was tiresome as hell.

  • CacheLogic's analysis (which I blogged about earlier) has finally hit mainstream news. I was kind of wondering when and how that would happen and the spin it would be given. Well, now we know. Expect another Napster-like witchhunt to follow.
  • Still on the torrent theme, Fedora Core 3 is scheduled to be out this weekend. I hope using BitTorrent to get the ISO files is still legal by Monday, especially since DVD installs are so much more practical.
  • Xen popped up on the radar again. It's not as flexible as VMware, but hosting companies might have a lot of uses for it.
  • Jakub maintains his impeccable taste in pixels, even if I find the aspect ratio of his document icons a bit odd (I'm used to narrower document icons).
  • Moving from useful eye candy to useless bloated eyesores, Slashdot finally wised up to the (almost year-old news) that Konfabulator is going to be ported to Windows. Which reminds me - my copy has been taking up hard disk space. There, flushed it. Oh, and Gruber had this piece on it earlier - I fully expect some sort of follow up to surface sometime, since he's on the ball regarding this one.
  • More Flashy stuff - Russell has taken upon himself to explain precisely why Flash Lite has managed to become even less useful than MIDP for moblie apps. David is going to have a field day with this one, since he's a staunch supporter of SVG and we've been debating which of these technologies is better for the mobile space for ages now. I'll be checking these out on my V800, though.
  • A short note on phones: I diddled around with a Nokia/6630 (again) for the past 24 hours. I continue to be underwhelmed by the Series 60's creeping "unusability" and multiple unfathomable menu levels, even though the built-in video editor (which can generate little movies by adding funky transitions to photos) is extremely neat. Neat. Hmmm. Not useful, neat. I gotta rephrase this sometime, but you get my point.

Today's moment of Zen is, obviously, this Garfield MP3 player, if only for the places you're supposed to squeeze to control it.

I meant the paws, obviously.