Birds Of A Feather

  • The big news today (for me, at least) is that Thunderbird was updated to version 0.9, and now includes both "search folders" and grouping by date (a la 2003, you can now group messages as "Today", "Yesterday", "This Week", etc., or by any other field). This last trick alone (message grouping inside the message list) is enough for me to consider ditching for it, and I seriously hope will be able to fit this into (smart folders are already there). After all, like most of the simple and devastatingly effective UI tricks they pull, it's not rocket science.
  • Everyone is wising up to the fact that Doom III for the requires a G5. My only issue with that: will it run across multiple 23" displays?
  • Nokia finally tries to expand and unify Series 60 with its other Symbian variants - and further snubs UIQ in the process. Oh, and updates Lifeblog to 1.5 (which is nice, if you're one of the twelve people using it so far...)
  • Mono gets bumped to 1.0.4 (or dev 1.1.2, depending on how bleeding edge you feel like being).