Blackberry Day.

Yup. Vodafone Portugal has just launched (portuguese) the service, which means I can finally say outright I've been using one for the past few months and that it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Er... OK. Let's be realistic about this - it's an excellent business communicator, which means it won't get any love from the "hey, dig my funky ringtone" crowd (yes, you can stick your own MIDIs on it, but don't get your hopes up), but it's much, much better than the usual phone/PDA combo.

The bottom line is that if you're like me and want something that will just work and deliver your e-mail and appointments to you no matter where you are on the planet, then I recommend you look into it.

And before you ask, I've since been investigating sync options - the usual suspects apply, of course, although none that I've tried support Portuguese characters properly (the supports them fine, but the syncing applications don't bother with charset support - a typical US software flaw, even in the UTF-8 age).

I've since found that Sync4j (which provides a SyncML server and several clients) is working on a client and that is supposed to contain an 'open' SyncML interface to , so I shouldn't have to wait that long...

Anyway, I will be posting some short notes about my experience with the 7230 and the 7100v soon. Each of them is targeted towards a different market segment (and there will be two different service bundles available), so there's potentially a lot to write about, without the usual "ooh, it has no camera" hysterics you'll see in gadget sites.

I probably won't have the time to go into any of those topics at length, but I'll definetly try to cover the things folk will want to know about.