Hakuna Matata

Spent a few hours drilling the ceiling (reinforced concrete, the sort that makes a horrid din when drilled) and hanging new light fixtures. During that time, my Ubuntu install apt-get dist-upgraded itself into a shambles (gdm won't let me login, and gnome-session enters a wierd spinlock state, gobbling CPU like crazy), although I managed to get the battery-applet working.

This means that, for me at least, Ubuntu was fun while it lasted - I need a stable Linux laptop, so I'll be installing Fedora Core 3 (which has been frozen four days ago and is due to be released soon) and getting back to the RedHat side of things.

Of course, this assumes I can download anything through the godawful service Netcabo is providing these days - it it just me, or is the network particularly crappy this weekend?

Use newspipe On The Move

Although the plaintext/"mobile" options are enough for me to read my RSS feeds on the move, I wasn't entirely happy with it and decided to build an HTTP front-end - a simple one, suitable for mobile phones and PDAs. I've been tinkering with it for a while, but last night I finally uploaded my newspipe front-end to CVS - you'll find it here (README). It's pretty simple (like most of the stuff I do), but it works and was designed to be easy to tinker with - so feel free to have a go at improving it.

I've also done minor cleanups to my Bayesian classifier for newspipe, which I'll upload when I can figure out why it's mangling messages (I must have made a mistake merging in the latest fixes) and thought of changing David's threading code to group news items by the URLs they mention (something Melo talked about once).

But most of my tinkering has been around a minimalistic SIP server (which is forcing me to learn some new Python idioms) and an RRDTool "viewer", both of which will find their way to CVS soon.

There are some site changes in the works, too, but I'm carefully pruning PhpWiki to make sure it does what I want before I change the rest.

I need longer weekends. Fortunately, there's one coming up next week.