I suppose it was pretty much like any other Monday – I arrived at the office, rummaged through my inbox, opened my RSS index (my dinky little front-end to newspipe) and, 60 seconds later, complained it couldn’t open the site. This site, as it happens.

After figuring out it was all about the for 3 and lowering the connection rate to something that allowed me to use a trifle faster than what my ancient 300 baud modem once provided, I spent the rest of the day reviewing documents, trying to push forward a few standing issues (it gets harder as Summer progresses, even though today’s weather was somewhat reminiscent of London) and systematically crashing a test device – just another bog standard day in corporate telco land, made slightly interesting by a few research endeavours I’m undertaking.

I had originally intended to weather the kittydotting, but since it’s still saturating my uplink after over 14 hours and the view count is bordering on the ludicrous, I’ve decided to redirect everyone to a static page and be done with it. Not to mention I’d like to download the new Mac OS X to install in a couple of days – after the usual amount of “bleeding edge update dust” settles.

Pointers to clean and simple traffic throttling solutions are welcome, by the way (I won’t upgrade on this box, and both mod_bwshare and mod_bandwidth are too funky or too outdated to be of any real use).

(Re-)Update: Traffic dropped by nearly 30% the very moment I activated the redirect. It has now been removed, since the news has dropped off the main site.

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