History Repeats Itself

Value-added services in the rotary phone age - it's amazing how carriers (and mobile manufacturers) are doing pretty much the same these days (via 2lmc). I mean, how many truly original services are out there right now?

Fickle Fame

I got an amazing amount of e-mail (no less than three messages) pointing out that I had reached the top of a Portuguese blog ranking effort lovingly crafted by Paulo Querido.

This is just as interesting a piece of news as the design competition I found myself enrolled in a few weeks back. Since SiteMeter is not that reliable, and considering that my readership has as of yesterday formally reached Australia (a big hello to the Radiator team), this ranking is obviously irrelevant in the grand scheme of things (and weblogs), but provides a bit of fun.

Here are the rankings. Of course all it takes is a bit of downtime to slip back into 3rd or 4th, but hey, it's my 15 minutes ;)

Top 25 by average daily visitors

 # name             total visitors avg. visitors total pageviews avg. pageviews
 1 The Tao Of Mac           221861          1211          484618           2590
 2 Abupto                   386666          1093          605464           1604
 3 O Meu Pipi               552350          1051          888924           1555
 4 desBlogueador de conversa 74523           827          125486           1041
 5 Blogue dos Marretas      127889           498          226655           1059
 6 Semiramis                 35333           465           47891            554
 7 Bomba inteligente        132495           445          245621            814
 8 Blogue de Esquerda        29966           422           53358            804
 9 MEGAFONE                  17336           401           37509            897
10 Dicionário do Diabo      146364           401          215827            525

One for the Ladies

Via Boing Boing, Handbag lighting. I guess it's getting harder and harder to find stuff inside handbags...

Black Tie Edition

Spotted this one over at I4U. This follows up on Sony's DSC-U20 "colorizing" (I've seen that camera in four different colors already), and is a sign of how (literally) "fashionable" digital cameras are becoming. I still hate the way the back LCD is exposed to a sharp knock, though.

T-Mobile Wi-Fi/ Roaming

T-Mobile's announcement of cross-Atlantic Wi-Fi roaming has been floating around for a while now (and their integration efforts have been public for a while), but this article skims over the pricing differences on each side and points out their Frankfurt University pilot project (something I'd read about earlier and forgotten).

GNUstep Live CD

Now this is interesting. A standalone GNUstep bootable CD that can be installed to a hard disk. I've been looking at Prometheus for a while now but despaired at the lack of a simple installer, and this looks like something fun to fiddle with on a rainy day.