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Gosh, I hate Mondays (yes, it's Monday as far as I'm concerned...)

  • Rumor of the day. Apparently some US operators are (allegedly) planning to force customers to send pictures via MMS (to boost traffic) rather than allowing them to save them to a memory card. Did I say it was a rumor? Did I mention it is too obviously alienating to ever be tried on real customers?
  • The Gimp gets a new GUI
  • Analysis of the new Motorola and Nokia Wi-Fi/GSM phones. A bit slanted, since I can't think of any reason for a phone like this to be shunned by operators (but then, I'm looking at Wi-Fi from a complement perspective), especially with EAP-SIM roaming on the way. Nevertheless, it's a better read than the latest useless study comparing Wi-Fi and .
  • Free, Downloadable, Searchable Hotspot Directory - a good idea if I ever saw one, since you're most likely not to be online when you want to search for a hotspot. And it comes in , and Windows flavors (no idea if it covers European ones yet). Caveat: you must sign up for it, which will put a lot of people off.
  • REALbasic ships with support. Hmmm. I've always liked -like environments for RAD of simple graphical tools, and having a cross-platform environment is nice. And before the Perl geeks and the C++ purists start whining, it's not the damn language, it's what you do with it.
  • The HipTop is apparently getting a much-needed upgrade. No pictures yet, except this hilarious drawing. Not many originals sold either, which is a shame.
  • RSA teams up with to supply token-based Windows authentication - for your corporate LAN, if needed be. Overkill, if you ask me. All the big consulting companies will jump on it, though - if they can afford it, of course. As the Register puts it, security is fast becoming a political (rather than a technical) battleground (overview here).
  • Xbox 2 is rumored to get a Flash drive instead of a normal hard disk. If you ask me, the noise the thing makes is more than enough reason to dump the HD.