Need Internet Access In Portugal?

Check out a useful government initiative that lists public spaces providing Wi-Fi or kiosk access (no English version, but the interface is pretty much self-explanatory). Link via mac, and a big hello to the UMIC folk, whom I had the occasion to meet a couple of weeks back.

The Courts, Always The Courts

As if the SiteFinder fiasco wasn't enough, Verisign is now suing ICANN in order to have a second go at being irresponsible with DNS. I fully expect this to replace the SCO suit (which, by the way, seems to be winding down) as the major conversation topic in the usual places.

ESR Wakes Up To Cluelessness in Open Source GUIs

Eric S. Raymond has published a long and righteous rant detailing his experiences with the CUPS GUI. It ain't pretty, and it's only bearable on the Mac because Apple took pains to hide most of it.

But it definetly isn't the only piece of Open Source software that completely misses the point when it comes to usability. Let's just say that the Gimp's recent GUI overhaul is one of the most credible efforts, and leave it at that...

Sailing Clicker with Symbian Support

Sailing Clicker has been bumped to 2.1, and now supports both Series 60 and UIQ phones through a new phone-side client. It even displays iTunes artwork on the phones - which I find to be a bit of overkill, but nevertheless helps make it the best Bluetooth remote control application for Mac OS X, period.

PocketMac Spawns iPod, Smartphone versions

PocketMac now has an iPod Edition (to sync Entourage or Outlook data to the iPod) and a Smartphone Edition (Thanks Ricardo).