Rendezvous on Fedora

Nothing new, really, but I decided to put up a HOWTO on configuring Rendezvous on Fedora (or any other Linux you happen to be using). It's a way to both compensate for the lack of updates in the HOWTO section (which is in need of urgent review) and to help out recent comers to Mac OS X (one of whom is presently reading through everything in /etc to figure out where the BSDisms start turning into Appleisms).

It's a simple enough procedure, let down only by the lack of flexibility in the current Rendezvous sample code (of which I had complained earlier), but of great usefulness for small networks with a Linux box and several Macs.

In the meantime, if anyone has a comprehensive reference of Rendezvous-advertisable services (or sample configuration files with clever tricks in them) do drop me a line and I'll post them here.

As to doing the same on Windows, I lack the humungous amount of disk space Developer Studio tends to demand these days (or a Windows PC, for that matter - which is odd, because I've just realized I don't miss it at all at home) and my original Cygwin hack was not all that stable. I'm positive Howl will fill that gap eventually.

And Since It's 2AM Anyway...

...and I don't feel much like sleeping after updating my Photo Log, I'm pleased to note that Mozilla 1.6b is out, and is now the first cross-platform browser to support NTLM authentication on non-Windows platforms (other than Mac IE, of course). Thunderbird is up to 0.4, too (with a more subtly polished look on Windows, where I installed it yesterday), and Evolution was also bumped to 1.5.

All in all, a nice set of updates, but the one I'm waiting for is the next Firebird (If NTLM makes the next release, I'll have no more reason to use IE - except for a few poorly designed tools that still rely on ActiveX).

Hack The Nokia/6600 Into iSync

Until Apple officially supports the Nokia/6600 in the next iSync release, MobileWhack has a modified SymbianConduit and links to a pertinent discussion. This could of course break iSync in a subtle fashion, but the sync protocol should be mostly the same, and more than a few people have been complaining about the 6600 itself being quite broken on its own, so my money is on the 6600 crashing before iSync does.