The Magnesium iMac

Gosh. All of a sudden, the Net is awash with fresh rumors concerning a refactoring of the product line. It started out at DigiTimes (which MacRumors rates as "unreliable"), got quoted in MacRumors and finally reached the (usually sedate) MacNN News.

(It should pop up on most gullible news sites anytime soon, since frenzy is upon us and by this time everyone expects the Second Coming of the Cube at MacWorld Expo 2004, this time in the guise of a G5)

The interesting aspect of this is that, as the meme progressed, the information morphed. It was initially a rather dodgy insider tip regarding new manufacturing processes (i.e., it is the insides of the case that are expected to change, not the external casing or the form factor) that got somehow mashed together with rather inane comments on 's supposed suspension of a Tablet Mac (another eye-catching rumor) and might be echoes of the 20" launch.

Then MacRumors quoted it, and all hell broke loose.

People, please. It's only been a couple of days since I explained ...

Surely a better-known pundit will set this straight, preferably in five-word sentences that everyone can understand.