Shaking Down The Wiki Tree

Fed up with the extremely slow progress of reclassifying content by renaming pages and then tracking down broken links, I've taken the (arguably more risky, but definetly much geekier) approach of dumping the entire database to a text file, invoking long incantations of regular expression search/replaces inside vim, and doing a quick drop/create/restore cycle to the database.

Some of the older stuff needed weeding out, so I'm wantonly deleting whole slews of SQL statements to get rid of pages. The whole Referrers table was flushed out, too, which got rid of umpteen referrals from a site owned by a full-time nitwit somewhere in the Netherlands (a complaint is winging its way towards your ISP, buddy).

The process will continue sporadically during the week, so please be patient if you encounter the nasty "cannot connect to the database" error message. At the very end, I'll dump the entire Wiki to a file and reload it to force link regeneration, and that will be that.

The end result, I hope, will be a bit more organized, a bit faster, and definetly bereft of a lot of crud.

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