Hell Froze Over, Indeed...

I've been trying iTunes for Windows this past couple of days, and even though I couldn't care less for the iTunes shop (it's not available for me), I was definetly impressed by the overall feel - it's virtually identical (in all respects) to the Mac version, is pretty well integrated, and does an excellent job of sharing libraries via DAAP/Rendezvous (no more issues with disk space, network shares, etc - it just works).

However, I don't fancy having iTunes open on my home XP server and I'm not too keen on its (apparently non-standard) ID3 handling, so it was with some interest that I found a number of references to daapd (a compatible server daemon for any UNIX variant), including this great hint to get it to work with Rendezvous.

Of course, my SliMP3 still has heavy use (and doesn't quite support AAC, at least not the version I'm running), but it's nice to know you can set up a home music library with a kick-ass interface at zero cost (and a little compiling, sure, but easy enough to do).

Sendo goes Series 60

Mobitopia is one of the many that hailed Sendo's first Series 60 phone, which sports, as a "differentiating feature"... a Today screen, just like half the PDAs on the planet. Oh come on, people. There are oodles of third-party applications for my 7650 that achieve exactly the same effect - albeit not with such a funky finish...

Nevertheless, UI themeing seems to be all the rage in Series 60 phones - to the extent that Nokia's 6600 supports it as a built-in feature (some Spanish forums are teeming with horrible screenshots of the built-in themes...).