DAAP, iTunes and Rendezvous

Yeah, I know it's been done already (and I had already dabbled in it), but I finally got daapd to work the way I wanted on Fedora and came up with this HOWTO/Set Up daapd on Fedora Linux. It covers compiling the sources (briefly), installing the DAAP server as a system service "the RedHat way" (complete with log rotation, although that hasn't been tested to my liking yet) and advertising it via Rendezvous.

(If you don't know what this is about, it will - in a nutshell - turn your Linux box into an iTunes streaming server for your home network. I run it alongside my SliMP3 since DAAP is lighter over Wi-Fi than the HTTP stream the SliMP3 server provides.)

Heck, it's Xmas. Knock yourselves out with Chipmunk tunes, Bing Crosby, whatever. Anything but Britney Spears.

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