Low Update Mode

I've been feeling a bit under the weather (thanks to a rampant flu, which left behind a rather sore throat and the kind of voice you'd expect to hear during a film trailer), so updates have been scarce.

I've also been delving into the intricacies of a couple of bleeding-edge technologies (which look a lot like older technologies with different acronyms, which goes to show people tend to forget past mistakes), so I've had little time.

Nevertheless, here are my picks for today:

Forget the N-Gage, get a Palm

Besides Gizmodo's round-up of N-Gage Sales, I found there a nice link to IGN.com's take on the Zodiac - which looks like a very nice Palm to have, considering it has pretty much the same screen as the Tungsten T3, Bluetooth and a lot of extras.

Sure, It'll probably get creamed by "real" consoles with more game titles. But the Palm part will be usable for ages, and software is getting updated for larger screens.

Nokia Makes More Waves

There are also a lot of rumors floating around concerning new Nokia phones and post-Series 60 stuff. Given that Nokia needs to have a new line-up in place around this time to meet deadlines, I guess we won't have to wait long...

The iBook does have Altivec

After a lot of uncertainty, confirmed the new G4 iBooks do have Altivec acceleration, which should make a lot of people happy. Not that the average user will be able to notice...

And if you're looking to buy a , OSNews has a nice round-up of current models, and there's always the classic Macrumors Buyers' Guide to check on the product cycles...