Nokia's first MMS phone, also known as "the brick".

Bluetooth services as reported by Mac OS X 10.3.4: SDP Server, Bluetooth Serial Port, OBEX Object Push, OBEX File Transfer, Fax, Dial-up Networking

Changes made from MCU version 03.16 to version 04.39:


  • Receiving and sending multiple MMS messages simultaneously - outgoing MMS handling in outbox improved.
  • When MMS message is sent to email, attachments are shown in remote email client (dependant on email server)
  • MMS client sends name suggestions for files in MMS, files appear now with .txt, .jpg, .smil, .amr instead of .dat (final appearance depends on used MMSC).
  • Simultaneous usage with WAP improved, if MMS connection has been opened first.


  • Phone can now handle SIM cards with abt. 100 SMS memory places.
  • E-Mail
  • Authenticated SMTP connection is supported.
  • Support for older SMTP handshaking improved.
  • Improved functionality when using SIM ATK with Schlumberger SIM cards.
  • Phone checks the captioned characters in Get Input-field before sending (e.g. "p", "w", "?").


  • Improved returning to service if MS had lost service during active GPRS connection.
  • Improved PDP context deactivation.
  • When GPRS "when available" is activated and afterwards cell info is activated, message changed to "Cell info may not always be shown while GPRS connection is active".


  • Improved WapGW response handling in case abort received from network.
  • Used language is sent in WAP headers.
  • Interoperability with CMG WapGW improved.


  • Bluetooth server functionality improved when sending file during phone call.
  • Obex disconnection handling improved when using credit base flow control.


  • HTTP POST handling improved for Midlets.
  • UTF-8 character encoding support in MIDP added.
  • Java download handling improved when install notification is included in jad-file


  • ALS support improved
  • Call barring requests can be independently set up on line 1 or 2.


  • CPHS Network Name Display support added.


  • CSP removes Call Waiting setting item when needed.
  • Home Zone support implementation updated.
  • SIS installation includes now a version check. If Series60 installables with version information has not been updated, a warning note is displayed when installing SIS (full details from Forum Nokia).
  • Image upload handling to Club Nokia improved.
  • Current consumption optimisation (Light after Key-lock 15 s => 5 s, Ambient Light Sensor default setting to "Minimum").
  • IMEI-SV identification value sent to network has been changed to 08 (with SW 03.16 it was 01).

Language issues:

  • Russian: All T9 letters are appeared under correct buttons.
  • Hungarian: Key mappings changed (key "4").
  • Hungarian: Contacts, Find option recognises Hungarian 'double characters'.
  • Czech: Phonebook, sorting order of Czech double character "ch" in the Phonebook Names list changed.
  • Czech: Supplementary services: Missing word in call barring, General Settings: translations in call barring changed.
  • Greek: language mapping changed in T9 dictionary.
  • Greek: Alphabetical ordering changed.