The VeriSlime Gambit

The incredibly dumbass move Verisign made by resolving every DNS request to their own server, besides breaking every common anti-spam measure at ISPs, is gathering a host of furious enemies, including the BIND developers - who will be shipping a patch in the coming days to effectively block out Verisign.

> set type=MX

        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr =
        serial  = 2003091601
        refresh = 1800 (30 mins)
        retry   = 900 (15 mins)
        expire  = 604800 (7 days)
        default TTL = 86400 (1 day)

I wish their root server is taken away by the regulators.

The P800 Spawn

If UIQ and brick-like phones are your thing, you could do worse than check out the P810/P900 mock-up pictures some guy digged out of a Flash presentation over at MobileBurn.

Borland goes Cross-Platform

Just spotted over on OSNews that Borland is adopting wxWindows for their product line (starting with C++). TurboPython anyone?