Firebird Rising

The Mozilla Firebird project is shaping up nicely, and I've come across a nice list of reasons to switch. I'm sticking to Mozilla 1.4 (which now has NTLM authentication) and Camino for a while longer, but it's interesting to note that Firebird's toolbar customization dialog works like the standard Mac OS X Aqua customized toolbar.

Link your iPod

Besides the article I linked to a few days ago, Apple has published more information on how to format hyperlinked notes in the iPod.

iSync to support the 7650?

Just came across this article on ThinkSecret, which makes it look as if the next iSync revision will support Series 60 phones. rage already pointed out to me that the Series 60 supports PPP over IrDA and Bluetooth, so it's likely Apple will be using that to work around the Series 60's lack of IrMC and SyncML over OBEX support.

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