Life and Stuff

Life's been busy. Too busy, in fact - the "interesting" sort of busy, and not just that. Besides the realization that is next weekend, there's been far too much going on to even try to keep track of - in the news, at work, during my (little) free time, etc.

Anyway, I'd like to thank whoever sent me The Children of Men and Accelerando. Decent books to while away the cold and wintry evenings are most welcome, if only as an incentive to spend them at home instead of working late at what is constantly shuttling between an extremely fun and rather dispiriting job.

It's now swinging back to the fun part (i.e., I'm hoping to go back to proper project management instead of multi-tasking between far too many micro-activities), but life being a zero-sum game of sorts, I just know it will demand that extra bit more effort and committment that I keep having to pull out of a seemingly bottomless hat. But I'm not known for giving up on anything...

Which reminds me: I finally pooled together outstanding donations and a little extra cash and bought a - of the black, stealth persuasion - to keep my hobbies going, or at least waste less time waiting for my iBook while I'm doing them.

Thank you to everyone who's been kind enough to visit during these past few months. Despite the slower rhythm, this site (or , or my photography) isn't (hopefully) going away any time soon.

I've spent maybe three hours with it so far (and believe me, that's about all I could this whole week), so I'll be writing a bit more about it during the coming days.