To Do

Stuff I plan to do here:

Category Item Notes
Tagging navigation Add a meta page that lists all pages with a given tag, and change the tagging plugin to allow for sorting.
Aliasing mechanism Review the page aliasing mechanism to include substrings instead of endpaths alone (meta/aliases is working, a per-page header would also help )
syntax highlighting update pigments to latest version
persistence and caching Make sure some stuff is truly persistent across runs (place and vacuum SQLite DBs in the webapp path) and that cache flushes are performed
PRE tags Remove entities in PRE tags – must be some overzealous escaping
fix attachment handling and remove all extant cid references via massive search/replace
Threaded Indexing Make sure indexing runs on a completely separate thread and throttled in such a way that compacting the index does not impact server performance.
Thumbnails Check delay between XMPP notification and page creation
Coral CDN Toggled automatically when load is high
Footnotes in tables There is a bug that inserts a 128 character in the HTML when using footnotes inside tables. I suspect the title generation.
Footnotes in general Tweak CSS to make them look better
New home page A new, non-lifestream home page layout
Warnings notifications for some navigation/site status events
XMPP enhancements A bit more detail on some XMPP notifications I get, better error handling.
Sparklines some graphs of Wiki engine performance
Side Notes a variant on footnotes to make better use of the new margins
Link browser A different way to browse the link blog
Content Re-link several items Namely N-Gage, SX1 , Motorola/MPX200, P900, GC79
Clean up obsolete stuff Ooodles of ancient phone models, HOWTOs and whatnot
Figure out why Technorati doesn’t work And can’t track links back to me. Given up on this one.

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