Those of you with more than a passing interest in Yaki development will be interested to know that my current partial-offline strategy has managed to provide me with just enough time to clean up some of stuff that has been niggling me for years, prompted a major overhaul of the site structure (most obsolete/redundant references will, thanks to the brand new meta/Aliases page, lead people directly to better resources), and that image and attached file references are now handled in a completely different (but, for now, legacy-compatible) fashion.

Oh, and my little trick of having a sandboxed Dropbox to hold site contents (but not source) is holding up fine – the overall experience of managing pages now is much better than using Mercurial alone or ExpanDrive (which, let’s face it, is still very slow).

Of course, there may well be a few new bugs and typos around as well, but at least I’m having a lot more fun and wasting a lot less time online.