Update This!

Ah, yes, nothing like the joy of having Windows Update (and Software Distribution Service 2.0) completely foobar my corporate laptop.

Nice one, . Thanks for reminding me why isn't quite there yet.

Fortunately, I must be psychic or something - yesterday I moved my entire set of .pst files to my desktop machine, so I simply dual-booted into , opened a connection to the desktop box and kept on working.

I'm hesitant between reinstalling the Windows partition from scratch or trying System Restore, but I don't think I'll be using Windows Update anymore.

If I had a , I'd be typing "bite my shiny metal ass" by now... But, alas, that is not to be.


In the meantime, could someone please lead me to some sort of sane pointers regarding rebuilding toshiba_acpi on Core 4?

All I can find is hopelessly outdated or assumes you've been keeping track of every minor change in the kernel rebuild process since 2.4 (which I haven't), plus the nuances of the new packaging scheme.

I honestly don't understand why the folk still haven't added a patch to allow enabling the built-in Bluetooth device under ACPI, since /dev/toshiba has gone the way of the dodo and they did, after all, get fnfx to work in the meantime.

That's pretty much all that's keeping me from removing Windows from my hard disk and switch to using , so any help (or lobbying near the kernel packagers) would be most welcome.

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