Data For The Ages

I've started taking a more active interest in preserving my data in a long-term fashion, so besides my Backup Strategy (which is a moving target, since I will soon be moving away from .Mac Backup for really important stuff) this will have notes and links regarding issues like File Integrity, my approach to ensuring the continuity of this site, my photo archiving scripts and other stuff.

Ground Rules

  • Mail is stored in an IMAP server, and backed up as mbox files (one file per folder, which makes it easier to archive).
  • All important documents are in Documents and in an e-mail.
  • Photos are stored in a filesystem in JPEG format, rather than any kind of proprietary wrappers. I will eventually see whether DNG is feasible for me, but not until there are enough tools around.
  • Small pieces of data that I might need while traveling (such as Serial Numbers for my gear and other info) are to be stored in encrypted form off-site (as well as written down on actual paper somewhere safe).


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