Sub-notebook Scorecard

This is a tentative scorecard for sub-notebook devices. It is not a very structured or systematic approach, but tries to compare some of the devices I’m interested in in an objective way.

Right now, my interest is mostly academic, but if I were to get one of these I would look for, in roughly the following order:

  • The ability to run Mac OS X or Windows XP (Linux is likely to be too much of a hassle where it regards support for what I need – which includes decent power management, corporate connectivity, suspend/resume, etc.)
  • The ability to run Citrix and deliver presentations using a standard VGA port (for which I’d use the PowerPoint viewer)
  • Support for a HSUPA modem like the E172 or E220.
  • Minimal solid-state storage (USB or SD is enough for me)
  • A decent screen and keyboard

As such, the characteristics summarized below are the ones I find interesting.

July 2010

Characteristics Asus 1008P Asus 1201NL Asus 1005PEGO Acer D250-1B
Price €399 €359 €399 €249
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR 2.0+EDR
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz 802.11b/g
3G No Yes No
Video GMA3150?
pop-out VGA
Disk 250GB 160GB 250GB 160GB
Battery 6h (32Wh) 5h (47Wh) ? ?
Card reader MMC/SDHC
Size 262 × 180 × 26.2 mm 296 × 208 × 33.3 mm 262 × 37 × 178 mm 260 × 33 × 185 mm
Weight 1.145Kg 1.46Kg 1.27Kg 1.18Kg

July 2008

Characteristics Mini-Note Eee PC 901 VIA nanobook Acer Aspire One MacBook Air
Price1 $4995 Eur.4004 $600 Eur.300 Eur.1700
Wi-Fi Y Y Y Y Y
Bluetooth Y Y Y N Y
Ethernet Y Y Y Y N
Physical screen size 8.9” 8.9” 7” 8.9” 13.3”
Resolution 1280×768 1024×600 800×4003 1024×600 1280×800
Runs Citrix Sure Sure Sure Maybe Sure
Portuguese keyboard ? Y6 N Y Y
USB Ports 2 3 2 3 1
Audio Ports Y Y Y Y Y
Camera Opt. Y N Y Y
ExpressCard Y N N N N
Standard VGA Port Y Y DVI Y Micro-DVI
RAM 512MB5 1GB 1GB 512MB 2GB
Storage 4GB5 up to 20GB Flash up to 30GB 8GB up to 80GB
Battery Life2 (h) 2-4 3 4+ 2-3 5
Weight (g) 1270 990 850 995 1360
Dimensions (mm) 255×165×27 225×165×35 230×171×29.4 249×170×29 325×227×194


Date Link Notes
Mar 12th WannabEees: Eee PC vs Elonex One vs OLPC vs EasyNote XS vs MSI Wind and more A comparison between several “mini” laptops

1 Estimated.

2 Stated. Believe what you will.

3 With touch panel.

4 Approximate.

5 Base configuration with 512MB RAM and SuSE Linux

6 Rather cramped layout, though.