This page lists a number of resources for Wiki engines that I’ve compiled over the years before and after my switch to Yaki.

If you’ve come across this page during your personal quest for a Wiki , WikiMatrix has a very impressive set of comparison tables spanning dozens of Wiki engines, matching them on a feature-by-feature basis.

Interesting engines

Wiki engines I’ve looked at myself, grouped by programming language and somewhat sorted by update time (most recent at top):

Implementation Language Date Link Notes
Ruby Feb 20’11 SoyWiki An amazing vim Wiki.
Older TeePee done in Camping
Pandora document-oriented CMS
Instiki supports Textile and Markdown
Pimki an extended version with Bliki / PIM features.
Riki can be added to an existing Rails application.
Python Nov 17’09 Markdoc quite similar to my Sashmi concept
Older HeyHeyWickie another minimalist approach
Leonardo a weblog/wiki engine
Pyle with a CVS backend
WikiLite WyPy glued to the BaseHTTPServer class
WebWare Wiki part of WebWare for Python
MoinMoin Too heavy for my liking
Zwiki happens to have a Cocoa front-end called PersonalWiki
JavaScript Older TiddlyWiki a fascinating micro-Wiki (constantly updated) that has spawned most of the other entries in this category
TiddlyWikiRemote with a PHP 5 server-side and RSS storage.
GTDTiddlyWiki an utterly brilliant adaptation of Tiddly for GTD
TiddlyTagWiki a tag-oriented version.
PHP Older Wikka a WakkaWiki fork with an installation guide available for Mac OS X
WysiwygWiki based on Tavi, includes an htmlArea control for WYSIWYG editing.
DokuWiki light, flat-file based, has TOCs. Recommended.
PmWiki flat-file based
coWiki neat PHP 5 Wiki
MediaWiki The classic. Mostly overrated.
ErfurtWiki Golden oldie, obsoleted to a large extent.
Perl Older TWiki
C Older Fossil
Miscellaneous Older PBwiki free, public Wiki service.
Wiky bidirectional JavaScript markup converter.
OpenWiki a Lotus Domino package
DidiWiki a C based Wiki, somewhat related to CVSTrac
awkiawki 225 lines of awk – awesome, in its own way.
WikiServer all-in-one HTTP server and Wiki
WikEd for vim

Wiki-like Editors:

Date Link Notes
Unknown Pepys for Windows

Quick Hacks:

Makefile to be used in.git/post-{commit.update}, taken from here.

RSTOPTS=--time --link-stylesheet --stylesheet=style.css

SOURCES=$(wildcard *.rst)
HTML=$(foreach file,$(SOURCES),_build/$(basename $(file)).html)

all: html

_build/%.html: %.rst
	rst2html.py $(RSTOPTS) $^ > [email protected]

html: $(HTML)

	rm -f $(HTML)